Booking a Portrait Session

Step 1: Choose your date

Contact me via email, phone, or the contact form right here on my website.

There’s no obligation to book a session at that point. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions Page. This page answers most of the questions you’ll have. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. I try to put as much info as I can here on the website but there are always new questions that I haven’t thought of and I am happy to answer them.

At this point if you decide to go forward and book a session, we can work out a date and time that works for both of us.

Step 2: Make your down payment

Down payments are required for every photo shoot, wedding or event. Your request is NOT confirmed unless you have confirmed the available time (step 1) and submitted the appropriate down payment. Down payments are non-refundable! This means that it will not be returned if you cancel your photo shoot, event, wedding or fail to show at the scheduled time. If the photographer fails to show or cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund.


Step 3: Have your shoot

At this point, your shoot has been booked. Your photographer will be at the specified location to take your photos at the confirmed time. Depending on the kind of shoot, you might want to think of some photos that you just must have during the session.

Take a minute to use google and pinterest to find inspiration shots that may want to duplicate. Also think of props that you may want to incorporate into your shoot. If it’s a graduation shoot for example, you may want to bring balloons, confetti, smoke bombs, grad hat and robe, etc. If it’s a family shoot, you might want to match clothing and choose the right colors. For engagement shoots, bring the ring box or a sign with the date. There are tons of options to add to your shoot to make it unique, but use the internet to get some inspiration.

Here are two links that show prop ideas that may catch your eye:



Step 4: Get your Photos

After your shoot, every photo will be edited for perfect color and lighting. These will be your originals. You also get up to 10 special edits that are extra enhanced photos from the originals. You will then be provided with a link with access to download your photos (usually by the next day).